Sell, Appraise, or Remove Bronze Steeple Bell

Looking to sell a cast bronze steeple bell, or even simply have one removed from a bell-tower? Though it’s true that bell removals are no simple task, our team of trained experts have still successfully removed hundreds of complicated bells and bell-systems nation-wide. Email us to get a bell bid, appraisal or removal quote.

Bell 1

“Is it worth it to sell my bell or bell set?”

We here at Church Services Group are in the business of historic artifact preservation and relocation and believe that if an item is not currently being enjoyed or used for the betterment of a church or community, than selling the item for that intended purpose should be highly considered. Furthermore, depending on the size, quantity, make, and model of the bell in question, bell sales can be worth a decent amount of money. Our company is known for offering fair compensation for bells and competitive bids on bell removals.

“What all is involved in the removal process?”

To remove a typical bronze bell from an averaged-sized church with a good access point for the crane, it could take as little as a few hours. Some larger-scale projects may take a couple of days if they require the use of an additional crane, scaffolding, have a poor access point, or the bell[s] itself is secured in a nontypical fashion. As you can see from some of the photos, our team has dealt with quite the smorgasbord when it comes to bronze bell removal jobs. 

“Why should I choose Church Services Group for my bell removal?”

As stated, when it comes to bells and other historic artifacts we have been known to offer fair and competitive pricing. A lot of companies out there see their client as a large price tag— unfortunately, especially the church— and we do not adhere to that mindset. In 2017 a church called and confided in us hoping to get a better bid than the bids they were receiving. The church was ready to sign over a $14,000 check to another company for a single bell removal because they did not know where else to turn. Our employee working alongside that church at the time vividly remembers taking their phone call in the middle of the grocery store and repeatedly asking “$14,000… are you serious?” and ending the conversation with “don’t sign that check.” Our employee knew that they were being taken advantage of and that Church Services Group could complete the task for much, much less. As it turns out, our company was indeed able to get their bell down for a fraction of our competitors’ bids plus sell the bell for an overall profit to the church. The sincere gratitude from that church was almost payment enough for us.

Email us to discuss options for your bronze steeple bell further.