Let Church Services Group Assist You!

Church Services Group specializes in the turnkey purchase of religious items as well as reclamation of stained glass windows, altars, and statues. We understand that the removal and installation of sacred items are fragile work and requires expert assistance, which is why we are the company to call for these contracting services.

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Our Services

Whether you need to buy church items or install a new altar, we can get the job done. Here are the services we offer:

  • Purchase and Selling of Large Bronze Church Bells
  • Purchase, Removal, and Installation of Marble, Plaster, and Wood Altars
  • Purchase, Removal, and Installation of Stained Glass Windows
  • Purchase, Removal, and Installation of Marble, Plaster, and Concrete Statues
  • Fabrication of Marble Bases of Statues Lacking Such or Needing Replacement

All of our services are offered on indoor and outdoor statues, windows, and altars. We use industry-standard cranes to remove them.

Stained Glass Window Services

  • Tiffany Stained Glass Windows
  • Sell Stained Glass Windows
  • Stained Glass Window Appraisal
  • Stained Glass Window Framing and Alteration
  • Stained Glass Window Removal
  • Stained Glass Window Repair