Disassemble, Store, Sell, or Install High Altar Set

Whether your church is in a season of moving, merging, or the building itself is no longer structurally sound, the high altar set will need to come down at some point to either be transported, sold, or stored. Older buildings can be labeled “restricted access” areas by the city at any moment— or worse, the building may even collapse— so we always recommend ensuring the altar’s safety as soon as possible. For a quote on altar disassembly and storage, email us here.

“Why disassemble the high altar, side altars, and altar of sacrifice?”

Unless it is guaranteed that your church will be deemed safe by the city and reopen its doors in the near future, disassembling and storing the altars is crucial to ensuring it’s future in your church, or another. We have seen too many churches run out of time to get their most expensive furnishing [next to stained glass windows] out of the building before it was too late. What could have been a great altar set for their future church or even sold at a fair price to bless another church became rubble when the building collapsed or the demolition deadline arrived without a proper plan in place.

“Store the altars or sell the altars?”

Once disassembled, start by storing the altar. Once the high altar, side altars, and altar of sacrifice are all in a secure location, then begin to consider the option of selling them to another church in need. Church Services Group has successfully disassembled, removed, stored, purchased, consigned, transported, transplanted, and reassembled dozens of large altar sets in the past and knows what to do every step of the way.

“Should I sell my high altar?”

Depending on the circumstances, if you will not be able to use your high altar set any longer, we believe that getting these incredible items into a new, up-and-coming church is not only good stewardship but also necessary to preserve the past for future generations to experience and enjoy. Additionally, the sale of your high altar could help with any financial burdens that you may be currently facing.

“How can I install a high altar set?”

Church Services Group and associates have successfully dismantled, transported, and installed numerous high altar sets, ranging from wood to plaster to limestone to marble. It is the most financially feasible to incorporate and install an altar set on the ground-floor [pardon the pun] of a church’s development, meaning that the set would ideally be incorporated into the architectural drawings. However, as you can see from the before-and-after picture, it is not impossible for us to install a high altar set into an existing space that has already been standing for decades. Please note that we can also modify the size of an altar set to help better-fit within your church’s size constraints.

Email us to discuss options for your high altar set further.